The lives of four 20-something roommates – a business student, a YouTuber, a college dropout, and a personal trainer – as they navigate the chaos of being young, finding success, and finding themselves in the city of angels. Starring Kyle Massey, Aaron Grady, King Keraun, Philip Bolden, Teresa “Topnotch” Celeste, DeShaude Barner, and Katherine Florence.

Director: Rugg Williams, Oren Williams, Bentley Kyle Evans



101 Caught Up

Episode Synopsis:
In the middle of a board meeting, Omar gets a text from his landlord that says his rent is past due. He immediately sends a text to his roommates. Jaheem is in the middle of a training session when he receives the text. Travis is in the middle of filming a science experiment for his YouTube channel. Todd is exploring OnlyFans while he is going to the bathroom. The four men meet up to discuss why their rent is past due when Carmen, their landlord, shows up. Omar makes a deal with Carmen to ensure that their rent will always be on time, only to find out that their rent has been raised and Todd forgot to tell them. Now they need to find a way to pay the difference.

While most of the guys have a workout session, Travis reveals he has a date. As he leaves, Royce and Mercedes come in, arguing about where their money for rent was wasted. Royce complains about needing to cancel a party for his influencer friends. Omar suggests throwing a rent party instead so that they can make enough money to pay rent.

At Bernie’s Spot, CeCe and her grandfather, Bernie, are discussing the business when Mercedes comes in late to work. Mercedes serves Travis and his date, Keisha Kakes. She and CeCe find her on Instagram, revealing some ho-ish tendencies. Later, Travis introduces her to the guys. At the party, Mercedes and CeCe tell the boys to warn Travis about Keisha’s clout chasing. While Travis is gone, Keisha twerks on Young Felon, a famous rapper at the party, as the guys all watch.

Later, the guys try to warn Travis, but he is already started an exclusive relationship with Keisha. While waiting for her to show up on a date at Bernie’s, Travis sees her on Young Felon’s Instagram live, naked. At home, he tells the guys that he’s planning to dump her, and they come up with a plot to humiliate her on Travis’ YouTube channel. With a successful party and break-up, the guys celebrate at Bernie’s.

Needing a way to pay their rent, Omar, Todd, Jaheem, and Travis team up with their neighbors to throw a rent party while Travis starts getting serious with his clout chasing girlfriend.
Guest Stars:
Terrell Owens
Aeja Lee

102 Hot in Here

Episode Synopsis:
The guys are hanging out in their apartment, their air conditioner broken on the hottest week of the year. Todd has stolen an inflatable pool from a child downstairs which has been set up in their living room. Jaheem goes to take a shower to cool off. While he is away, Carmen comes to fix the air conditioner and the rest of the guys leave.

At work, Omar’s coworker, Jeff, informs Omar about an opportunity to come up in the stock market. He is certain it’ll be successful after listening to Mr.O’dell’s phone call that confirmed his uncle’s public company would be bought out. Omar points out that it is insider trading, which is illegal, but ends up going through with it. Back at the apartment, Carmen fixes the AC and leaves. Jaheem exits the shower, looking for a towel, when Carmen returns to retrieve her toolbox. After their interaction, Jaheem goes to talk to Travis and Todd at Royce and Mercedes’ and tells them Carmen is interested in him after seeing him naked. Travis and Todd congratulate him and encourage him to pursue Carmen while Mercedes and Royce doubt that he impressed her at all. Omar barges in and announces he is rich after his stock market endeavor.

Celebrating Omar’s financial success, they all go to Bernie’s. Carmen happens to be there, and Jaheem goes over to her to shoot his shot. After an innuendo filled conversation with Carmen and Bernie, Jaheem sets a workout session with Carmen. He expresses his confidence in his chances to the others. Mercedes and Royce are still doubtful. After a major shopping spree, they return to the apartment where Omar receives a call from Jeff, telling him that the stock crashed. Omar has lost everything.

At work, Omar and Jeff discuss what went wrong with the stock. Jeff tells him about the stop loss trigger Omar should have used. During a workout session, the guys confess that they want to return their stuff, so Omar can get his money back. Omar tells them they do not have to since he’ll be picking up more hours  for his internship and has already paid off his classes.
During Jaheem’s training session with Carmen, they talk about what happened in the apartment which clarifies that Carmen has no interest in Jaheem. Back at the office, Jeff shows Omar how to set a stop loss for his stocks. As Mr. O’dell is giving them a raise, the police come in to arrest him for insider trading.

Omar comes up financially after receiving an insider trading tip and Jaheem tries to shoot his shot with Carmen after an awkward encounter.

103 Roots

Episode Synopsis:
Travis and Todd are in the midst of a Nerf Gun war when Jaheem reminds them that his cousin is coming to town and the place is a mess. After they finish cleaning, Todd gets a package in the mail, containing pharmaceutical drugs for him to test for a trial. The others warn him about the side effects, but Todd insists on doing the trial. Jaheem’s cousin, Adrian, arrives. The guys immediately asking Adrian about himself and his extremely pro-Black opinions become obvious, including his questioning of white corporations and where to spend the Black dollar. Omar leaves to go to work. Jaheem takes Adrian to Bernie’s where Jaheem introduces his cousin to Mercedes and CeCe. Adrian questions how Black the restaurant it, accusing it of being whitewashed, and begins venting loudly. Bernie confronts Adrian who pulls back on his stance when he realizes Bernie is the owner.

When Todd, Travis, and Jaheem arrive at their apartment, Adrian has redecorated the apartment with African masks and paraphernalia. While roasting one another, Todd’s voice suddenly becomes high pitched, a side effect of the drugs. Omar comes in and reveals he quit his job, because he discovered his bonus was less than his white counterpart’s. While the guys are working out, Todd comes in and reveals his latest side effect: boobs. When a white girl enters to have a session with Jaheem, Adrian sends her away, insistent that Jaheem only work with Black people. While hanging out at Bernie’s, the guys come up with a scheme to show Adrian that he’s not as pro-Black as he seems.

After finishing up a workout session, Jaheem leaves his cousin alone in the gym where Adrian is tempted by a white girl, Cindy. Jaheem catches them as they prepare to leave and admits to Adrian that he set his cousin up. He calls Adrian out for being too righteous and tells him that he needs to respect people equally. At home, Omar gets his job back, because the advertisement firm no longer reaches their diversity quota. Todd has finished his medical trial and the side effects have all been reversed. He reveals that his received the wrong drugs in the mail. Adrian leaves a changed man, now dating Cindy, though his new crabs-in-a-barrel mentality is no better than his original righteous pro-Black one. At Bernie’s, Bernie comes to talk to the boys in African apparel to make a point to Adrian. Jaheem updates Bernie on what’s going on with Adrian, starting a conversation about Black men/white women relationships.

Trouble ensues when Jaheem’s extremely pro-Black cousin comes to visit and tries to change the guys’ ideologies.
Guest Stars:
Juhahn Jones

104 Be My Maybe-Daddy

Episode Synopsis:
Coming home from a basketball game, Omar, Travis, Todd, and Jaheem overhear an argument between Mercedes and Royce over Royce using her make-up without permission. Carmen comes and tries to mediate the situation, but it results in Royce deciding to move in with the guys. When some of the guys oppose, Omar assures them that Royce’s stay will only be temporary. Royce tries to hang out with them, but they all bail on him for various reasons, except Jaheem. Todd mentions getting a text from his ex girlfriend and intends to see her for what he assumes to be a booty call. Omar invites Royce to join them at Bernie’s, but he denies the invite to avoid Mercedes.

At Bernie’s, Mercedes vents to Jaheem and then catches Travis attempting a dangerous experiment. When Omar arrives, he passive aggressively asks when Mercedes and Royce are going to make-up. Shortly after, Todd arrives and tells Omar and Jaheem that his ex girlfriend just admitted she is nine months pregnant, and he is the father. After Omar and Jaheem express their disappointment, they leave the restaurant and Bernie offers Todd a job to help him out. When the guys return home, Royce has completely redecorated the apartment. The next day, Todd starts working at Bernie’s, but things go awry, and he loses the job. He gets help from Royce and Omar on how to enter the workforce and Omar offers him a job as his assistant. However, working for Omar also does not work out and he gets fired again. Todd then turns to Travis, who does a dangerous experiment on him at his viewers’ request.

Travis’ experiment results in Carmen needing to fix the electricity in the building. As Royce returns from the grocery store, Carmen forces a mediation between him and Mercedes. Later, the boys throw a baby shower for Todd where he expresses never having felt better since attempting to change. CeCe brings over a tray of shots just before Travis, Mercedes, and Royce arrive. Travis is annoyed with Royce for breaking his X-Pad before realizing it has drawn in a great number of views.

Todd appears on the Laury Show where he gets a paternity test done for his ex-girlfriend’s baby along with another man. It turns out he is not the father.

After a huge argument with Mercedes, Royce moves in with the guys and turns everything upside down while Todd turns over a new leaf when he discovers his ex-girlfriend is pregnant and Travis tries to revamp his page.

105 Not My Sister!

Episode Synopsis:

Todd and Jaheem are playing video games as Omar is working on a hedge-fund project, locked away in his room. Travis comes in to remind the guys that his sister, Lauren, is coming to visit and that she is off-limits. Later, Jaheem is struggling to schedule clients and offers to train Todd in the meantime. Todd declines, choosing to focus on his video games. Travis returns home with Lauren who immediately catches the boys’ eye. Lauren tells Travis that she is interviewing for a fashion internship in LA, causing excitement. Omar barges in to admonish Todd for using his VPN and has a warm reunion with Lauren, inviting her and Travis to happy hour at one of his favorite restaurants.

In the gym, Jaheem is still struggling to get clients after attempting to help a man in the gym. Mercedes comes in, working on her lines for a new series. Jaheem begins helping her, proving to be useful. Mercedes asks him to keep running lines for her. At Omar’s office, Omar and Lauren wait for their reservation to be ready. Omar has come to help Jeff with an assignment quickly. Omar explains to Lauren what he does, impressing her with his romantic view of math. Mr. O’dell says hello and assumes that they are a couple as he walks off. Lauren gets a text from Travis saying that he is not going to make it and they leave to go to the restaurant. Meanwhile, Mercedes and Jaheem are working together on her lines at her apartment. The tension rises as they go through the script, leading to them making out.

When Omar returns home, Jaheem and Todd are playing video games, though Jaheem is clearly distracted. When Todd and Omar try to figure out what’s wrong, Jaheem tells them off and walks out. Omar then tells Todd that he thinks Lauren is interested in him and Todd warns him not to go down that path. Jaheem returns and asks what Omar’s done to which Omar denies anything has happened. Mercedes comes over, telling Jaheem he left his charger at her place. The two get into an argument over the charger before Jaheem leaves with her. Post-sex, Jaheem and Mercedes are in bed and discuss how this changes their relationship. Mercedes explains that she understands this is all physical and they just needed to relieve stress, to Jaheem’s disappointment. At the apartment, Omar and Lauren are watching TV, cuddled up on the couch. Lauren tries making advances which Omar nervously turns down. Travis comes in to do another experiment and sends Lauren to his car to help him. He then tells Omar that they have been friends for a long time and warns him not to cross the line with Lauren.

At Bernie’s, Mercedes and CeCe discuss Mercedes’ recent encounter with Jaheem. CeCe expresses her surprise before Bernie yells at them to get back to work. Across the room, Travis realizes his video was not edited correctly and leaves after Lauren convinces him to let her stay with Omar. She flirts with Omar, challenging him. Omar orders several rounds of shots from Mercedes to show Lauren he can keep up. The following morning, Todd goes to Omar’s room to reset his router and discovers Omar and Lauren in bed together.

When Travis’s sister comes to visit, Omar finds himself in a romantic entanglement while Jaheem and Mercedes’ constant tension comes to a head.

Guest Stars:
Jonetta Kaiser

106 Sex, Drugs, & Blackmail

Episode Synopsis:

Picking up immediately after discovering Omar and Lauren in bed, Todd blackmails Omar to keep Travis from finding out. Omar assures Lauren that Todd will keep his mouth shut if he keeps him appeased. As Omar is searching for his keys to go to work, Todd begins his torment, holding onto Omar’s keys for the day. He gives Omar a bus pass to get to work. Travis comes in complaining about sex ruining everything. Todd and Omar immediately think he is found out, but it turns out a porn star is using his name and concept to snag his followers. Jaheem comes into the apartment, clothes disheveled, before almost immediately leaving with the excuse that he has a client waiting for him. He goes to the gym where he and Mercedes’ have another heated encounter.

While Omar’s at work, Todd continues to call him for ridiculous favors like food from the expensive restaurant Maestro’s, distracting Omar from his work. Jeff offers him Addy’s to help him focus on the work he needs to get done. After some convincing, Omar takes the offer. At Mercedes’ and Royce’s apartment, Jaheem and Mercedes return after a “work-out”, unaware that Royce is there. Royce accuses them of being rather close to which Mercedes and Jaheem counter by insulting each other and arguing. Later, Royce catches Todd returning to his apartment with food from Maestro’s. Todd spills the beans about Omar and Lauren and Royce begins to blackmail him. In his own apartment, Royce enjoys the food he took from Todd when there is a knock at the door. Mercedes’ ex-fiancé, Rocko, has come to ask Mercedes’ to get back together.

Now high on Addy’s, Omar is working on his presentation when Lauren comes in and tries to initiate sex. Omar denies her robotically and leaves the apartment to focus. Royce comes in as he’s leaving, looking to blackmail Todd for more make-up. Todd tells him he has to ask Omar for it and they go looking for him. In the hall, Omar discovers that Royce now knows and also has the list of demands. When he starts to deny their demands, Travis arrives, and Omar quickly leaves to follow their demands. Travis requests Todd and Royce’s help to report the porn star’s channel. At Bernie’s, Mercedes confides in CeCe about her Jaheem/Rocko situation, and they decide Mercedes should go out with Rocko until she and Jaheem figure things out. She also tells CeCe that Royce told her about Omar and Lauren as Travis and Lauren come in and find a seat. Travis apologizes to Lauren about leaving her alone with Omar for most of her trip before boring with talk of his channel problems.

Mercedes and Rocko return from a date and Rocko promise that he is trying to be the perfect man for her. Jaheem spies on them in the hallway. Once Rocko’s gone, Jaheem confronts Mercedes. She explains that she is confused and will get back to him once she’s figured things out. Later, at the apartment, Jaheem tells the others that he has been seeing Mercedes and that her ex-fiancé is trying to get her back. The boys give him a supportive hug as Lauren comes in. She and Omar are left alone, and she questions why he is turned cold toward her. She leaves when he claims his work is a higher priority. Omar aces his presentation and Travis finds Lauren upset before taking her to the airport. Jaheem attempts to tell Mercedes he wants to get serious but catches Rocko proposing to her. Later, Todd has Omar doing his laundry when Jaheem comes in, upset. He tells them about Rocko and admits to leaving before he could find out Mercedes’ answer. Travis then barges in. He reveals he knows what happened and admonishes Omar for hurting his sister and crossing the line. Omar explains himself and pleads his forgiveness, but Travis states he is moving out, leaving the apartment. Omar, Todd, and Jaheem get into their own argument after Todd makes a joke, ending the episode.

Todd blackmails Omar after discovering him in bed with Lauren, while Jaheem and Mercedes try to work out their relationship when her old flame comes to town to get her back.
Guest Stars:
Jonetta Kaiser